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New Book ~ Cannabis for Couples


CANNABIS FOR COUPLES, John Selby's new 'muse of marijuana' text being published in early 2020 with Inner Traditions Press, will offer a complete guidance/inspiration program for couples wanting to maximize their high times together. We're also developing a unique guidance/support/inspiration app to accompany the book. In the Autumn of 2019 we'll post selections from the forthcoming book here on this site.


More and more of us are starting to use cannabis for recreation, relief from pain, depression and anxiety, and as an aid in sexual relating, spiritual insight and personal growth.


Studies show that the effects of marijuana are unique to each individual - and every time someone gets high they have a new experience based on exterior influences and the person's current focus, mindset, and intent. Our aim is to make sure that each new experience is safe, enjoyable and insightful.

The Mindfully High program has been designed to help fill the need for a more mindful, responsible and successful approach to cannabis in our society. 

The Mindfully High App

The MindfullyHigh App delivers an experiential guided program helping people stay more mindful and responsible when they’re high on grass. Note that this program also works equally well as a short-form mindfulness guide without marijuana - your choice!


At least 50% of the effect of cannabis is psychological – which means we can actively influence and control our experience as we get high, by focusing our attention in mindful directions.


The free MindfullyHigh App delivers professional audio/visual guidance, grounded in cognitive and social science, to encourage a mindfully-high experience each time a person, young or old or in-between, lights up and tunes into the marijuana muse - or seeks trustworthy non-grass mindfulness guidance.

The Mindfully High Book

The new Mindfully High text presents well-researched thoughtful discussions on 10 important cannabis topics, including medical and psychological concerns, sexual and creative impact, family and school issues, at-work and social themes, grass in senior communities, and a wise approach for students.

John Selby ThD, author of this text, has done cannabis research for the National Institutes of Health and the New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute. He has published 24 books on mindfulness meditation and personal growth, and taught thousands his 'short-form meditation' approach to successful mind management. His at-work mindfulness programs have been used with Silicon Valley companies to brighten the workplace. 


This book and app offer serious professional information, insights and guidance for individuals, groups, teachers, students, seniors and healthcare organizations seeking a moderate wise approach to cannabis use in America.   



We also encourage local groups to use our MindfullyHigh curriculum for group discussions and ongoing scheduled gatherings. If you belong to an organization seeking discussion-guidelines on this topic, please contact us. We also appreciate organization endorsement and financial support:   contact us

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