Provoked by the corona epidemic, many of us are exploring cannabis for relief from pain, depression and anxiety - and also to deepen our sexual relating, spiritual insight, personal growth and pleasure. Whether you're new to cannabis or a seasoned user, our Mindfully High aim is to make sure your cannabis journeys are heart-centered, safe, enjoyable and insightful. 

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John's New Couples Book

Getting high with a friend or lover is always a new adventure and a golden opportunity. But all too often, our old relationship habits dull the high adventure and  minimize the opportunity to grow together.

CANNABIS FOR COUPLES, John Selby's new self-help book with Inner Traditions Press offers a complete guidance/inspiration program for couples wanting to maximize their high times together. We're also completing a unique guidance & inspiration app to accompany the book, with over 100 guided audio experiences.


Enhancing The Experience

To maximize your experiences, we've created the High Together App to help guide your shared adventures, and also your solo meditations, in any direction you choose.

We assure you that all content on this app resonates with the principles of Positive Psychology and the shared wisdom and virtues of the world's religions. There's no theological bias here - this app is for everyone! 

The Mindfully High program is designed to help fill the need for a more mindful, responsible and successful approach to cannabis in our society.  John's books, podcasts, and audio-guidance apps offer professional support and enjoyment for individuals, couples, teachers, students, seniors and healthcare organizations seeking a moderate wise approach to our rapidly-expanding enjoyment of cannabis in America.

John's original Mindfully High text presents 10 wide-angle well-researched discussions on important cannabis topics, including medical and psychological concerns, sexual and creative impact, family and school issues, at-work and social themes, marijuana in senior communities, and a wise approach for students.

John Selby ThD, psychologist and author of this text, has done cannabis research for the National Institutes of Health and the New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute. He has published 24 books on mindfulness meditation, couples relating, and personal growth – and taught thousands his 'short-form meditation' approach to a brighter mood and more expansive spirit.   

We also encourage local groups to use our Cannabis For Couples curriculum for group discussions and ongoing scheduled gatherings. If you belong to an organization seeking discussion-guidelines on this topic, please contact us. We also appreciate organization endorsement and financial support: 

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