The MindfullyHigh App

The many benefits stimulated by marijuana can definitely be maximized, and confusion and worry put aside, through approaching the cannabis experience with our mindfulness guidance.


By regularly tuning into our app's programs and insights, you’ll learn to stay more positively-focused, creative and responsive, even as you discover new realms of cannabis experience.

We do all have the ability to be both high and responsible at the same time – this app shows you how to accomplish this important challenge.

The Mindfully High App is designed to fill the growing need for a more mindful, responsible and successful approach to cannabis in our society. 

The 24 six-minute guided programs on this app can be used both when getting high, and equally when pausing for a short-form mindfulness practice without cannabis. This is always your personal preference.


For senior citizens approaching the cannabis-high for the first time, this guided program will effortlessly reduce apprehension and boost positive effects - you're in good professional care.


And if you're a seasoned marijuana smoker, you'll discover new ways to tap emerging realms of deeper insight, emotional healing, pure pleasure, and ongoing personal exploration.

The MindfullyHigh App will gently introduce you to short 'focus phrase' sayings and queries designed to help you refocus your power of attention in mindful, insightful, rewarding directions. This is wise mind-management where it's really needed, as you hold positive sayings in the back of your mind while continuing with your high experience, or with a mindfully-bright non-grass day.


Each of our primary 6-minute programs delivers a unique high experience within a predictable format. By the way, you can change the pace of several variables in these programs to suit your particular preferences - play with the seven Settings choices to fine-tune your MindfullyHigh experience.  

When To Use This App

*  While Getting High With Cannabis

*  For Short-Form Mindfulness Meditation

*  As Anxiety and Depression Relief

*  To Reduce Stress At Work

*  In Senior & Student Groups

*  As A Mindful Study Aid

*  To Stimulate Creative Expession

*  Just To Relax & Have Fun

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