New App Guidance:  Couples Sharing Cannabis

As highlighted in John Selby's new book Cannabis For Couples, the many benefits of using marijuana can be enhanced with professional audio and video guidance each time you get high with your loved one or friend.


By listening together to short specially-designed audio and video programs, you and your partner can effortlessly stay positive, focused, creative, and responsive as you explore new experiences.

The HIGH TOGETHER Intro Video on this page will introduce you to our six primary app programs designed to enhance your cannabis journeys with your friend ... and also when alone.

This High Together App is designed to satisfy our growing need for a more mindful, responsible and successful approach to integrating cannabis into our post-corona society. 

The dozens of guided programs on this app have emerged from decades of psychological research and artistic exploration. The programs are beautiful too behold, and evoke unique expansions of consciousness that you can share with your partner, or enjoy on your own. 


For couples approaching the cannabis-high for the first time, this guided program will effortlessly reduce apprehension and boost positive effects - you're in good professional hands.


And if you're a seasoned marijuana user, you'll discover new ways to tap emerging realms of deep insight, emotional healing, pure pleasure, and ongoing personal exploration.


A primary aim of this guidance app is to make sure that your user experience is always relaxed and effortless. The six types of guided programs on the menu have emerged from decades of psychological research and artistic exploration. The visuals are beautiful too behold, and evoke unique insights to share with your partner, or enjoy when on your own.


Research shows that most couples move step by step through several types of experience when high together. Our app will guide you effortlessly through each phase, so that you can maximize your enjoyment of each step. Just spin the High Roulette Wheel and let synchronicity decide which guided experience to enjoy ... or select your favorites from the sub-menu.


Where you aim your attention while high does determine much of your experience. We'll suggest a variety of different experiences you can focus on, and provide a framework within which to safely yet expansively explore new realms of relating - with zero worry or confusion, and maximum clarity and pleasure.

Enjoy A Safe & Effortless High Experience 

*  While Getting High With A Friend

*  For Short-Form Mindfulness Meditation

*  To Boost Sharing & Intimacy

*  To Stimulate Insights

*  In Senior & Student Groups

*  To Motivate Creative Expression

*  Just To Relax & Have Fun

When To Use This App

Available in June 2020

... the 7 phases of a ...

Shared Cannabis High

Meet the Marijuana Muse: There are usually seven different types of experience that couples move through during a shared cannabis high. The guided audio programs on the High Together App will expand your experience of each of these - just listen together and flow with the guidance ... and then take off into your unique adventure together!

Preparing To Take Off Together

Tapping Into Cannabis Magic

Enjoying The Chatterbox Muse

Coming Fully To Your Senses

Welcoming Eros Transformation

Sharing New Creative Insights

Exploring Mutual Awakening


Keep the Adventure Alive: You'll discover over a hundred guided audio and video experiences on the High Together app to explore together, or perhaps sometimes on your own.


Whatever your interest of passion or need at the time, you can either spin the "Surprise Spin" wheel and see what naturally comes your way at the moment - or check our various menus to choose whatever specific inputs and encouragement appeal to you most.





We welcome donations of any size to help us continue developing new content for this app - so that for years to come, you'll have this valuable resource to turn to when you get high - thanks!


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