SLEEP DISORDERS ... Effectively Treated With Cannabis?

There's a controversy rumbling through physician and research circles - does cannabis effectively treat sleep disorders, and particularly sleep apnea? One of the claims of pro-cannabis medicine experts is that using pot can definitely improve sleep for insomnia sufferers. But the American Academy of Sleep Medicine released its review of this question related to sleep apnea - and concluded that there is no evidence to date proving that weed helps with sleep apnea. A couple decades ago I looked deeply into all aspects of sleep and sleep disorders, in my book and audio program Secrets Of A Good Night's Sleep, but my publisher (Dell) didn't want me to mention marijuana as a treatment for insomni


A study led by researchers from John Hopkins School of Public Health and the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center shows that “States that have legalized marijuana for medical use have lower rates of prescription painkiller overdose deaths than states that have not.” Even though overall U.S. deaths caused by opioid painkillers is way up, they were 25% lower in states that implemented medical marijuana laws than other states. This is a large differentiation statistic - and it clearly documents what medical marijuana users have been claiming for years, in fact for millennia if you consider Chinese cannabis remedies for pain from ancient records. Marijuana doesn’t ‘heal’ anyone from pain


I seldom write a blog that simply sends you off somewhere else to read something by another writer - but this is an exception. The Guardian recently published an opinion article called "Technology Is Driving Us To Distraction" which so perfectly and masterfully states what's been bugging me existentially for years now - that I'm going to give you the link to go read. Here's a lure: "I now believe the liberation of human attention may be the defining moral and political struggle of our time. It is a first-order problem; its success is a prerequisite to the success of virtually all other struggles. We therefore have an obligation to rewire the system of intelligent, adversarial persuasion we h

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