CANNABIS & CREATIVITY ... Expanding Our Inner Potential

Marijuana definitely alters our mental performance and creativity on a temporary basis. At cognitive levels in the brain, research shows that the person who’s taken pot will often experience pronounced cognitive alterations in which the brain's associative function expands and generates unique combinations that are often quite creative and valuable. It's true that for most people, there's a cognitive downside to being high. Short-term memory is often disrupted unless consciously managed. And our thoughts flow in sometimes disjointed fashion, jumping from one theme to another suddenly, with the thread of conversation getting lost in the bargain. When the mind is thus engaged in just ‘being’ f


I myself was brought up to hate marijuana, and to despise and persecute people who used it. Then I came of age in the sixties - and rapidly reversed my attitude toward weed. But most of my relatives to this day reject my use of cannabis - for any reason. We’re meanwhile seeing a rapid expansion of medical marijuana prescriptions for treating a large list of common ailments and conditions. And many people who never thought of using cannabis in their lives, or who tried it once or twice and didn’t like it, are having to consider using it in order to gain medical relief. And of course, a great many people, you and and elderly, are shifting to recreational pot - just for the fun of it. Why do so

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