POT & PARENTING: Beyond Old Myths

As a recent news article in the Guardian stated (read article) more and more parents are questioning the knee-jerk assumption that pot and parenting simply don't mix. I explored this same question in the 'parenting' chapter in Mindfully High - and I think it's important to continue discussing this key theme: does using marijuana make you a possibly-better parent, or a really terrible parent? Due to lack of funding and lingering legalities, scientific research has not yet given us any clear answers regarding cannabis and its impact on family life. I did early NIH research on marijuana as it impacted family wellbeing in New York, and I've openly stated my personal position against children in


For far too many years, I ran into definite hostility among many Americans, especially devout church-goers and political conservatives, when I spoke openly of marijuana as a spiritual aid in one's life. Finally this theme is rising to the fore as a mainstream discussion, now that marijuana is more legal or at least semi-legal in our society. And yes, a growing number of Americans who use cannabis are joining the chorus singing pot's praises as a meditative aid. To reinforce this new vision of marijuana as an adjunct of meditation, a new book is available called Cannabis And Spirituality, edited by Stephen Gray. In the book, 17 expert contributors share their professional perspective on the s

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