We now know as historic fact, through recent archaeological evidence, that marijuana has been cultivated and used by humans for over 14,000 years. Its origins have been located in Mongolia, in digs dating back to 12,000 BC. From there, its cultivation and use as both medicine and mood elevator spread east to China, and by 2,000 BC Japan was raising cannabis crops. By 2,000 BC archaeological evidence shows that marijuana was being raised in India and the Near East. Evidence of domestication has been found in Easter Europe also around 2,000 BC, or 4 thousand years ago. It's arrival as a cultivated crop in Africa and and Western Europe dates around 700 AD - with grass arriving as a crop in Engl

FORMING A CANNABIS CLUB: Local Or Online Small-Group Sharing

Working as a therapist over the years, I've found great value in getting individuals together to share experiences related to a common theme, problem or interest. We've designed our HIGH TOGETHER App as a very personal private experience - something you do mostly privately when you get high, or as a short mindfulness meditation. But of equal importance is being able to talk about your high experience in your community. Something unique happens when we share an inner experience to other people who are supportive and interested. As we manage to speak about our inner explorations, we find that we suddenly gain new insights and resolve old issues. And others in our group can provide new perspect

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