SET & SETTING: We All Thank Dr. Osmond

I want to formally thank the psychiatrist who taught me the primary process used in the MindfullyHigh programs for ensuring that your cannabis experiences will be optimally bright and rewarding. That psychiatrist was an Englishman named Dr. Humphry Osmond MD, During the 1950s through the 70s Dr. Osmond was the foremost expert on the proper use of psychedelics. Specifically, he developed a set of psychological tools that made sure people taking psychedelics (including hashish and the more-potent strains of cannabis) would have an optimum 'set and setting' during their experience. The Mindfully High and High Together programs are dedicated to the memory of Humphry's guidance, insights, and com


Mindfully High has been written to answer the primary questions people ask about cannabis usage in America. These ten in-depth discussions are based on the most recent research, and are presented within the professional guidelines of cognitive and humanistic psychology. There is no bias in these discussions - both positive and negative social, medical, and personal dimensions of cannabis use are presented with equal space and credence. As the author of MindfullyHigh, much of my professional training indirectly prepared me for working with a psychoactive additive to therapy. I was hired out of Princeton University to conduct early NIH research studying the effects of marijuana on college stu

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