THC: Tapping It's Emotional-Healing Power

While doing a book-signing for Mindfully High at the giant National Cannabis Industry Association's Expo in San Jose, I was struck by the fact that there was almost zero focus on the actual psychological impact of cannabis products on end users. The Cannabis Industry is just that - producing goods to sell for a profit. That's where we're at with marijuana right now. Everybody's trying to see how they can get into the 'green rush' early on. But with so many new users of cannabis suddenly coming to the fore, we must seriously begin to address the ultimate desired outcome of increased marijuana use in our society. As a culture, our aim isn't just to make more money on a new product - hopefully

THC & SEXUAL PRESENCE ...Is Pot An Aphrodisiac?

Many people report that getting high, especially with lots of THC in the puff, often stimulates a truly radically-pleasurable sexual experience. I can certainly verify this report! But equally, a lot of people get stoned and phase out ... and lose all sexual charge for hours. What's going on here? In seemingly-unrelated scientific studies, more information (and quite a bit of misinformation) has surfaced concerning the ways in which regular marijuana use impacts human sexual response. In a recent questionnaire study, “How Marijuana Affects Male Sexual Performance,” a valiant attempt was made to clarify how getting high affects the penis. Many men reported longer and more pleasurable erection

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