HIGH COUPLES: Using Cannabis To Deepen Your Relationship

In American culture, as cannabis rapidly becomes legal, more and more couples are quite naturally exploring what happens when they get high together. How in fact does grass impact a relationship - and how can this impact be mindfully guided in order to maximize positive effects? I had to outright laugh when I first heard that Coors is thinking of infusing its beer with THC, as if grass is no more disruptive and transformative than beer. The opposite is the case: THC, the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis, is without question a powerful mental and emotional force that can evoke transformation for each and every couple that chooses to get high together. As mentioned in an earlier blog, I

The HIGH TOGETHER Program ... it's origins, inspiration and intent.

We all end up developing whatever daily routine suits us best, for using cannabis to enhance our lives. With the High Together app and program, we're aiming to provide a maximum of helpful guidance, and at the same time, a minimum of structure, so that you are free to explore your unique personal approach. That said - most people also prefer a bit of structure when starting something new - so we've identified the basic seven-step flow that most people seem to move through most of the time, when getting high together in a mindful way. On the High Together app, and in the Cannabis for Couples book, you'll find each of these seven steps fully discussed, plus audio guidance for each step if you

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