In these MindfullyHigh & High Together blogs I want to explore as a therapist some deeper implications of our American culture tuning so rapidly into cannabis. Yes, pot is fast becoming the drug of choice for easing our pains, healing our afflictions, and expanding our perspectives. But is pot in fact good for America's future? Fifty years ago when I took my first toke (of hashish) at Princeton, the act was considered revolutionary - a direct challenge to the culture I'd been born into. Faced with the late 1960's non-choice of being drafted into the army and going off to kill strangers in a foreign land, my small Princeton consortium of secret smokers felt caught in an impossible dilemma. Ba

BOOMERS WITH BONGS: Seniors Exploring Inner Realms

In a study sponsored by AARP and the National Poll on Healthy Aging, four out five seniors polled (80%) say they support legalization of medical marijuana, 40% support legalizing cannabis use for any reason, and more than 70% say that marijuana can ease medical complaints such as pain and depression. Research throughout the world has demonstrated that, used properly, the cannabis herb is a mostly benevolent, uplifting, helpful and insightful additive in senior living. For over 70 years grass has been maligned as a dangerous drug like heroin and cocaine, but now we know that when approached mindfully, marijuana has been scientifically proven to be a safe, curative, enjoyable, and insightful

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