TRANSFORMING ATTITUDES: Might Marijuana Transform America For The Better?

As a general rule, it would seem downright dangerous for our society to allow everyone full access to an untested drug - just walk around the corner and buy some pot - that simple. But what in fact will be the consequences of more and more people in our society shifting their consciousness regularly into cannabis mode? How will the Muse of Marijuana impact America's future? I'm obviously an advocate of legalizing cannabis on all fronts - I've seen vastly more positives than negatives over the last fifty years, in terms of the impact the marijuana muse has on people's lives. But still - isn't it a bit strange that, with almost zero scientific testing on the impact of cannabis on personality a

HIGH HEART YOGA: The Primary Cannabis Posture

If you're going to remember just one thing to do when you get high, I suggest that you remember regularly to shift your focus of attention down from your buzzing mind, into into your true center of being ... your heart. Where you focus your attention determines the experience you have with cannabis. And when you focus on the feelings in your heart, you optimize the effects of the herb. I've been working for many years developing 'yoga postures for the mind' while high. In physical yoga you hold a bodily posture for four or eight breaths or so, and as you breathe into that posture, a unique positive experience is generated throughout your being - that's the essence of yoga. You can do the sam

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