CORONA HIGH: Using Our Universal Retreat Time Creatively

It's amazing to find almost all of us, for an indefinite period of time, living in almost total retreat from society. I remember signing up for a 10-day 'silence meditation' retreat at a Zen monastery in San Francisco, where we agreed not to talk with anyone for 10 days, not to hug, kiss or show physical affection - just turn inward and explore who we really are ... Now ... we're all being ordered to retreat and practice social distancing, like it or not. And it's our choice whether we enjoy and benefit from this retreat, or fight it. I still can't quite get my mind around the fact that we're all going through this corona-transformation cycle because of some tiny bugs we can't even see! It's

HIGH TOGETHER ... our free couples app

To augment the guidance in my new book Cannabis for Couples, being published June 2 by Inner Traditions, we've been busy for months building what is probably the world's most effective online couples-guidance system, the High Together app. This app offers you and your mate or friend seven different types of audio and video and text guidance and inspiration, to make sure your shared cannabis high is safe, enjoyable, rewarding - and great fun. This HIGH TOGETHER app will be available in all app stores early in April 2020. If you'd like to explore the contents of the HT app, click and view our 4 minute presentation below:

HIGH TEENS: Examining The Controversy

I'm sometimes criticized for speaking out with concern about cannabis use in our teen population. But it's trued - I do worry that certain emotional and personality-development factors can be slowed down, impeded, or even out-right blocked and thrown into retrograde, when teenagers use weed regularly through their formative years. We don't have hard science on this question yet - but psychological logic does indicate that emotional growth can be stunted or thrown off-kilter by being high every day. I'm not talking about getting high on the weekend or occasionally - I'm talking about getting up and lighting up before going to school every day, or even every few days. Let me share my logic and

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