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Cannabis-Assisted Coaching


For thousands of years, human beings have known that cannabis somehow helps us to break free from negative mental and emotional constrictions, and heal trauma-induced symptoms. This is one of the main therapeutic reasons people are drawn to marijuana use.

Mindful use of cannabis is also very effective in helping couples learn to relate more honestly and deeply. After reading Cannabis For Couples or Mindfully High, and perhaps exploring the professional guided sessions on the HIGH TOGETHER APP, feel free to also access our one-on-one coaching.  


We offer professional phone guidance as time permits, to assist you when you feel the need of a bit of extra support and direction in your cannabis exploration. We can also recommend specialists to help you with particular needs and queries.

Phone Consultation

There are times in all our lives when a compassionate professional guide can help us focus in rewarding directions to encourage insight and healing. John Selby, or one of his MindfullyHigh coaching associates, is available as time permits to assist you over the phone when you seek advice and guidance.


You can choose just one session, or request additional sessions with John to fit your needs and budget.


John was originally a family counselor and spiritual coach for a Presbyterian church before shifting decades ago into secular therapy work. He has used cannabis as a successful healing adjunct for many years with clients, and understands the special dimensions of cannabis-assisted counseling.


John or a fellow coach will listen to your current situation non-judgmentally over the phone, offering suggestions and advice where requested, and also if requested, guiding you through whatever micro-dose cannabis-assisted inner experience you might value.


If you are using cannabis for the first time, or want guidance with your partner in using cannabis, John will also guide you on the phone as you explore the process.

Cannabis-assisted counseling sessions with John and associates on the phone last about an hour, with a sliding payment schedule based on your finances: $120 / $80 / $40 per hour-long session. Please email your open times, and phone number, and we'll respond.