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New Book ~ Cannabis for Couples


CANNABIS FOR COUPLES, John Selby's new 'muse of marijuana' text being published in early 2020 with Inner Traditions Press, will offer a complete guidance/inspiration program for couples wanting to maximize their high times together. We're also developing a unique guidance/support/inspiration app to accompany the book. In the Autumn of 2019 we'll post selections from the forthcoming book here on this site.


MindfullyHigh Couples

America is going through a radical positive disrupt at its very core. Cannabis is rapidly becoming legal for all – and cannabis is a powerful psychological force that will evoke definite cognitive and emotional transformation for every couple that uses it. How can couples safely and enjoyably tap into the benefits of sharing cannabis together, so that they boost both pleasure and intimacy while high?

Two generations ago, only the far fringe of our culture was using cannabis. Now studies show that more than 12 million American couples use cannabis together, with 10 million more joining in by 2021. Hundreds of new texts teach how to raise and sell, cook and ingest this powerful herbal additive – but almost no books offer couples professional insight, information and advice for successfully using cannabis for intimate relating.


Having led NIH psychedelic research, and served as a couples therapist for four decades, John Selby has now written HIGH TOGETHER to provide trustworthy professional guidance for couples who're exploring the marijuana muse together. 


Grass enthusiasts already use marijuana to relax, relieve pain, enjoy life and explore new realms of relating – it’s a social lubricant, a creative enhancer, a meditative aid and sexual stimulant. But most couples (and definitely those using pot for the first time)  will benefit from professional guidance and insights as they learn how to employ the psychological power of cannabis wisely and mindfully.


High Together will be a major player in helping Americans enjoy this emerging cultural dynamic. We're going to highlight chapters of this book on this web site even before it's released, and also let you start using the audio guidance programs that John is developing. Please check back into this COUPLES section of our website regularly to enjoy these programs!


Getting High Together

A great many cannabis couples are already exploring how best to use cannabis to augment their intimate relating. They've perhaps learned to pause and focus inward before and right after ingesting … and to simply ‘be together’ as they negotiate a new high encounter. Other couples, who're just now beginning to approach cannabis as a secular sacrament in their relating, are new to this unique type of experience.


Every couple develops their personal habits of relating as the marijuana muse begins to take effect. The early psychedelic pioneer Humphry Osmond often pointed out that everyone who gets high is asking for the invisible muse of marijuana to come and tap them with its magic wand and stimulate a transcendent inner experience. When two people get high together, quite powerful opportunities arise if approached mindfully.


Mundane reality is often repetitive and uneventful, so we all seek periodic moments of transcendence. When high, the thinking plotting worrying mind drops temporarily away, and we’re free to expand our consciousness into new ethereal realms. But how does this sudden shift in consciousness effect our intimate relating?


Cannabis, especially strong strains of THC grass, needs to be be approached as a mild psychedelic that carries significant power to impact a relationship. And there's a lot we can do to actively determine the experience we're going to share with our loved one.


In John's forthcoming book on couples using cannabis, he first outlines the seven primary types of experience couples will discover. He also shows how to approach each of the seven experiences mindfully together, so that important new realms of relating can open up in an intimate dyad.

Openly talking about this shared process, and consciously partaking of the herb with clear intent, can add considerably to the experience that might emerge. There are also multiple downsides to avoid, that can otherwise limit a couple's intimacy, sharing, and emotional growth.  


Having worked with many couples as they explored the power of the marijuana muse to awaken deeper dimensions of love, John is now sharing his insights, suggestions and guided experiences. There will also soon be a HIGH TOGETHER APP with loads of guided adventures and suggestions etc.


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