Love In The Time Of Corona


Especially during times of economic and social turmoil (like right now) our primary relationships can help sustain and nurture us as we move forward into new, hopefully brighter, times.


As cannabis rapidly becomes more legal and available, this powerful psychological force is playing a larger role in how our culture evolves.


But many couples are feeling 'in the dark' about how best to approach cannabis, in order to safely and positively gain its support together


How can couples confidently and enjoyably tap into the many benefits of sharing cannabis, so that they boost both pleasure and intimacy?







Having led NIH psychedelic research, and served as a couples therapist for four decades, John Selby has now written Cannabis For Couples to provide trustworthy professional guidance for welcoming the marijuana muse. 


Enthusiasts use marijuana to relax, relieve pain, enjoy life, and explore new realms of relating. Cannabis serves as a social lubricant, an insight boost, a meditative aid, and sexual stimulant.


Cannabis dispensaries are doing a booming business right now, because couples are hunkered down together, seeking worthwhile ways to spend their at-home time ...


An obvious choice is to explore new experiences while high together. The intent of the High Together App is to provide you and your partner with loads of expert audio & video guidance. 



Getting High Together

Two generations ago, only the far fringe of our culture was using cannabis. Now studies show that more than 12 million American couples use cannabis together, with 10 million more joining in by 2021. 

Every couple develops their own personal approach to relating while high together.


The psychedelic pioneer who trained John Selby in guiding people while high, Humphry Osmond MD, insisted that every person who gets high is asking the invisible 'muse of marijuana' to stimulate a unique new inner experience.

In John's forthcoming book on couples using cannabis, he presents his clear understanding of how marijuana effects our intimate relating. He outlines the seven primary types of experience couples usually encounter together when high - and also explains downsides that can limit a couple's intimacy - and how to avoid them. 


Cannabis For Couples, combined with the High Together App, will hopefully meet the needs of millions of couples who want to maximize their shared high experiences.

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~ John's New Couples Book ~


CANNABIS FOR COUPLES, John Selby's 'muse of marijuana' text, is being published on June 2 with Inner Traditions Press - you can pre-order now. This unique discussion, focused on deep relating while high, offers a complete guidance & inspiration program for couples wanting to maximize their high times, and explore new heart horizons.

In teamwork with the Mindfully High App, this book will take the guessing out of experimenting with cannabis if it's your first time, and expand your high horizons if you're already experienced with the herb.