Reviews of our app and book have been solidly positive. Here's a sample from a major cannabis culture magazine that's well-written and in-depth, from a recent phone interview.

Marijuana In History (video documentary)

This hour-long documentary is a pleasure to look at while taking in an in-depth narration of how cannabis has been involved in human evolution, probably ever since humans have been on the planet. This video also works well in groups to spur discussion. 

Cannabis & Spirituality

For thousands of years, humans have used the natural plant for spiritual awakening and psychological health. This book offers 17 essays by leaders in this field - a primary text!

Mindfulness meditation is a planetary spiritual tradition. This book explores seven primary spiritual masters who contributed essential aspects of mindfulness: Jesus, Buddha, Krishnamurti, Mohammed, Gurdjieff and Patanjali. You'll also learn a unique guided meditation from each master (guided audio also available).

Latest Scentific Findings (video - Harvard Panel)

If you want an in-depth scientific discussion of the latest Harvard (and elsewhere) experimental studies on marijuana, this will be your video of choice. The first few minutes are slow, but then it gets into the research meat as five scientists talk about their new findings.

Whether high or not, it's always a challenge to quiet our chatterbox thoughts and enter into a peaceful meditative state. Psychologically insightful, this book by John Selby teaches how to let go of anxious, angry, depressed or confused thoughts, and enjoy deep inner peace. There's also a guided audio program. 

Guided Grass Meditation (video)

With a gentle voice, this marijuana instructor will guide you through a purposeful meditation. 

This powerful mindfulness book by Michael Brown teaches a deep method for, step by step, actually doing something to transform chronic (and almost universal) emotional suffering into realization, acceptance, healing and pure joy of living - by developing a 'conscious emotional response' to life.

Being a good listener and employing mindfulness can greatly enhance your success at work. This book and audio program teaches four special meditations to use in action at work, to help you maintain a mindful empathic mindset while engaging with colleagues and customers.

Krishnamurti's masterful teachings about mindfulness were a primary inspiration for many aspects of our MindfullyHigh program. By using this book with our app program, you can contemplate short paragraphs from Krishnamurti's teachings, so that you have a daily meditation based on K's guidance - wonderful!

In exciting thriller format, this novel by John Selby, set in the next decade, exposes a psych-tech plot to zap terrorist brains from satellites - but the supposed high-tech good guys begin to use their secret tech in a plot to violate not only our culture's ethics, but the integrity of our own minds. 

Grass & Meditation (video)

This 16-minute video offers a detailed (and visually enjoyable) discussion of the history and techniques for using grass for spiritual exploration and discovery. Links to YouTube.

The ancient European and Near-Eastern tradition of the Tarot is one of the deepest ways to understand our personalities, and our present-moment situation. Especially when high, we strongly recommend this particular presentation by Joan Bunning, using the 1971 Rider Tarot deck. See Blogs for more info.

We all need to manifest our plans, so that we can actively create the life that we desire. Tapping The Source, based on the remarkable teachings of Charles Haanel, will show you how to use mindfulness meditation especially for envisioning and and then manifesting your personal dreams into reality.   

Cannabis Cuisine (cook book)

Herein, an excellent chef and quite good writer explores how to approach marijuana as an ingredient in your cooking life. Andrea Drummer shares more than just recipes and techniques in this very enjoyable cook book adventure.

Inspired fiction can reveal deep, almost mythic insight into our lives. This suspense novel, set in America in the near future, explodes with a vision of new mood-alteration technologies emerging from secret meditation research - that in the wrong hands, now threaten our emotional freedom.

If you're single and seeking a deep relationship, this book will show you a new process for using mindfulness meditation to attract the person you're looking for. The daily attraction meditations provide a powerful way to prepare yourself for your desired encounter - and succeed when you meet!

Set in San Francisco in 1969, this unique murder mystery at a radical Seminary mixes police procedure, CIA subterfuge, psychedelics and deep romance as a tough cowboy sheriff struggles to save his son from a murder rap with multi-level thematic overtones. Alan Watts has a cameo appearance!

Chakras And Cannabis (video)

Want to explore your energy centers related to marijuana? This guided exploration is a good introduction to the chakras, especially related to how cannabis relies on your intention when you get high, to determine the experience you'll have ... it's a bit New Age in tone, but the information is solid ... enjoy!

Being mindful means just that - taking charge of how your mind is working. This program teaches a set of special Focus Phrases that immediately aim your mind's attention in directions of mental clarity, emotional brightness, and wholebody presence. A full audio program is also available. 

Many people in our culture have left their traditional Christian roots, but still feel a  strong spiritual grounding in Jesus and his teachings. This provocative book and program shed light on the meditative dimensions of Jesus' teachings, and offer seven short meditations to help deepen your spiritual experience.

Based on actual historic accounts, this Princeton University novel set in 1968 exposes the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind-manipulation conspiracy that used Princeton students as unwitting subjects in micro-dose LSD / hypnotic experiments that threaten not only the students' sanity, but the general safety of anyone in our society. 

In mindfulness meditation, we discover that there are 7 primary inner energy centers up and down our spine. This book and program teaches how to balance and empower these energy centers, called chakras - and guides you through mindfulness meditations to regularly optimize your energy charge.

We know there's too many people on this planet. But would we act to reduce the birth rate if we wouldn't get caught? This hi-tech murder-mystery novel challenges all our usual norms and pushes us, right in the middle of great action and romance, to choose what we'd do in the hero's shoes - a deep meditation for our future.

A third of our population suffers from poor sleep habits which interfere with daytime success and health. In this insightful program you'll explore the root causes of insomnia - and learn how to use mindfulness meditation to break free from sleepless nights. Full audio program also available.

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