Seniors & Marijuana

Most seniors in the 75-million-strong Boomer generation don’t currently use marijuana – but more and more are thinking about it. Except for around 10% who were active hippies in the 60s and 70s, most Boomers missed out in college and then got jobs and started families and never got to try the enticing allure of getting high.

As Boomers retire and grass becomes legal, all of this is changing rapidly. The MindfullyHigh program, designed by a Boomer, will serve optimally as a simple, safe and enjoyable psychological support system as seniors discover how their years in retirement might be enhanced by including grass in their more-relaxed live-style.

The MindfullyHigh book and app provide both professional information and hands-on guidance needed for seniors wanting to approach grass mindfully and confidently.

As explored in depth in the Mindfully High guidebook, many seniors feel a bit afraid to try marijuana for the first time, either for medical reasons or for inner exploration and pure sensory pleasure. Our guided sessions on the MindfullyHigh App will help guarantee that using cannabis, even with a fairly-high THC level (which we recommend) is safe and rewarding for all.


John Selby, who was trained by an NIH team of federal mind-researchers as a licensed psychedelic guide, has personally overseen the MindfullyHigh App's development - to make sure seniors receive the trustworthy, effective and enjoyable guidance and encouragement they need, each time they use cannabis.


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