Grass, Mental Performance & Creativity

February 6, 2018


Marijuana definitely alters our mental performance and creativity on a temporary basis. At cognitive levels in the brain, research shows that the person who’s taken pot will often experience pronounced cognitive alterations in which the brain doesn’t seem to work normally – sometimes short-term memory (what was I doing a minute ago?) is temporarily lost altogether.


But ... in exchange for the loss of that particular mental function, one’s inner experience is then able to expand, through a pleasurable awakening of all the senses in the present moment, and a loosening of free-flow memory and thought associations. New ideas will often spring into mind, allowing the user to shift into unexpected thoughtflows, pleasing reveries, and intense vivid fantasy adventures.


When the mind is thus engaged in just ‘being’ for half an hour or so, right after taking marijuana, formal studies show that motor skills and reaction times are temporarily slowed down, so that skilled activity can be negatively effected. This is important to acknowledge regarding driving a car or thinking of doing your everyday work while high.


Marijuana is definitely a drug, and it does generate serious alterations that can be both bothersome and outright dangerous if not approached mindfully. When using pot, most people will choose to temporarily stop their daily routine, shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ for an hour or two, and just relax into the experience that comes to them.


Perhaps the most important thing to remember about marijuana is that each person responds to the effects of the drug in their own unique way, depending on their personality, social situation, moods, energy level, etc. And within the general parameters of the marijuana high, each time a person smokes or ingests cannabis, an utterly unexpected experience can emerge. If you take morphine or cocaine or coffee or alcohol, you can be fairly sure how you’re going to react to the drug – but with marijuana you need to be ready for a wide variety of physical and mental possibilities. This is one of the complex positive attributes of the drug.


It’s true that a lot of everyday people get up in the morning and puff and go off to work and perform adequately or even exceptionally well. As discussed in the Mindfully High text, we can’t assume that grass and work don’t mix. Each person must explore and decide, on their own, how and when and where to include the marijuana high into their everyday lives. Some people smoke it once a month – others five times a day. It’s the same with using cannabis for medication, each person responds uniquely to the drug.


A great many artists and musicians and writers have lauded grass as their primary muse, and there's a reason for this. Marijuana sets the mind free to explore newness and invention on all fronts. We've designed our MindfullyHigh App to be a stimulus for people wanting ot be more creative and insightful when high. Each 6-minute program (there are 24 of them in total) focuses on a particular aspect of the THC high, offering a Focus Phrase to hold in mind throughout the cannabis trip, to help you maintain a mindfully high state as you do whatever you want to focus on.


Go for it!



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