Peace Train

January 5, 2018

I was listening to Cat Stephens on Pandora, singing live in 1968 about jumping on the peace train … and here we are fifty years later, wondering where that peace train went? 


In Michael Brown’s remarkable book The Presence Process he talks deeply about how peace is the natural pervading quality of the planet, including the natural cycle of life and death - except when we humans disturb that peace. Take all humans away from the planet - and it’s peaceful in any direction you turn. So obviously our challenge, our responsibility (high or otherwise) is choosing in our own minds and actions to progressively connect with this natural peace.


And as would be expected, we always need to start this process inside our own selves … I personally feel that getting mindfully high is almost always a spontaneously-responsible act in the direction of bringing more peace into the world … by regularly pausing and focusing toward the peace that’s always awaiting us inside our own minds and hearts.


It’s all a matter of choice, of focus and intent, and a courageous willingness to stay immersed in this always-emerging moment of peace … and it lies at the top and the bottom of each new inhale, awaiting discovery and expression - thats the high secret. We hope that the MindfullyHigh App will guides everyone using it in the direction of iner peace and harmony, clarity and compassion. That was Cat Stevens' hippie vision way back when - and it remains strong 50 yeas later. Grass does make us more peaceful - so I say, it's light up time!


Alcohol has been proven to in general make people less peaceful and even more violent. The beer and wine and hard alcohol companies fear that marijuana will cut into their alcohol sales - I say, great!




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