Let Go Of Suffering

January 11, 2018

Canada is known for its excellent marijuana research, and here’s another key study (see URL below): Indeed, marijuana does prove a successful treatment for chronic pain - but with the caveat that the patient be an experienced marijuana user. This point is important - you do need to ‘train and practice and experiment’ with the general process of getting high, in order to maximize the medical benefits. We hope that our Mindful Marijuana website proves helpful in quickly guiding new pot users so that they can tap into the medical benefits fairly rapidly.


But you must be a bit patient with this. Give yourself half a dozen experiences with getting high, before drawing any conclusions - and take advantage of guidance that helps you focus attention properly, so that you learn to remain in the present moment and not ‘get lost’ while high. Marijuana intake, THC in particular, helps you shift attention away from negative past-future fixations in your mind, toward a positive experience in your body in the present moment. 


Much ‘pain’ experience is actually ‘suffering' - caused by mental activity such as worrying about the future, imagining negative medical situations, lamenting the past, etc. You do have the power to shift your focus when high in directions that reduce the fixation on pain, and boost your involvement in positive emotional, mental, and physiological experience. The word ‘responsibility’ arises again here, because you alone have control of how you manage your focus of attention - and that focus determines the effectiveness of cannabis in relieving your experience of pain in the present moment.




Sexual pleasure and physical pain … seeming opposites, and yet marijuana helps with both! They are in fact closely connected in the body - as you focus on pleasure, you experience less pain in that moment. The choice is always present.





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