THC & SEXUAL PRESENCE ...Is Pot An Aphrodisiac?

Many people report that getting high, especially with lots of THC in the puff, often stimulates a truly radically-pleasurable sexual experience. I can certainly verify this report! But equally, a lot of people get stoned and phase out ... and lose all sexual charge for hours. What's going on here?

In seemingly-unrelated scientific studies, more information (and quite a bit of misinformation) has surfaced concerning the ways in which regular marijuana use impacts human sexual response. In a recent questionnaire study, “How Marijuana Affects Male Sexual Performance,” a valiant attempt was made to clarify how getting high affects the penis. Many men reported longer and more pleasurable erections while making love under the influence of cannabis - but some said that marijuana lessened their sexual prowess.

Another basically-worthless study tried to show the physiological effect of cannabis by experimenting on the penises of rats - and found that when you torture rats by giving them massive doses of THC, their poor little penises are less able to get an erection. Well ... if you scientifically probe someone's penis while high, what do you expect?

This research shows the general idiocy of many experiments with pot - they treat the effect of cannabis as purely physiological, whereas obviously, human sexual arousal is a highly emotional and mental event.

Overt sexual performance in and of itself, doesn’t define a satisfactory sexual encounter. Many men report that, when using Viagra, performance is great but deep bonding, pleasure, and intimacy are often nil.

And I again return our focus to a person's mindset while making love when high. This is a topic covered fully in my forthcoming Cannabis For Couples book … if you begin a sexual interlude while high by pausing and tuning into your breathing and whole-body presence in the present moment, then you'll maximize the potential of a deep sexual experience. Otherwise, all sorts of variables can distract you and influence your erotic experience.

A long-lasting erection isn't really what’s most important in sexual intimacy and fulfillment - what’s most important is the inner experience of letting the sexual flow happen spontaneously.

In our upcoming HIGH TOGETHER App, we outline the seven shared stages most couples move through when high together - and yes, the erotic-interlude phase is often front-center and certainly important. And when approached mindfully, the muse of marijuana can very often stimulate heightened pleasure and engagement with your partner.

But our sexual-arousal dimension, especially when high, needs to be integrated into the wider vistas of intimacy, not just the genital dimension. Cannabis is a strong chemical, and it can lead us into truly transformational encounters both with our partner, and with our own inner realms of being.

For instance, we're all quite capable of having sex with zero heart contact. An d that's not a function of cannabis - that's determined by our own responsibility as conscious beings. Even before getting high, two people can harmonize their intentions, their needs and desires - and aim the high experience purposefully toward their mutual goals.

Sexual union is definitely a procreative function - but it's also a shared experience of high-heart bonding, of emotional release and healing, and even mutual meditative exploration. When high, all of these dimensions can merge into a truly explosive and creative shared union - yes!

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