Mindfully High Seniors: New Life

August 4, 2018

 "Youth is wasted on the young," somebody once said. Over 50 million of us Boomers are busy retiring - and wondering what to do with the rest of our lives. Most of us missed out on the 60s revolution and never got to explore what 'expand your mind' might mean for us - but now finally we have the chance. The boss is off our back, the kids are grown up, grass is almost legal - so the time is perhaps finally right to 'blow our minds' a bit and enjoy a touch of the marijuana muse.


Anxiety Self-Medication:  I was lucky way back in college - I learned early that grass can help manage anxiety and depression. In my junior year in 1966 I was drinking a lot of gin at Princeton, feeling entirely discombobulated like many of my fellow students back then because the Vietnam War was totally ruining any plans for a bright future. Then a friend turned me onto hash in his dorm room ... and everything changed. My anxiety and depression dropped way down, I made good life decisions based on new insights, and I discovered inner realms of transcendence that got me through those hard times.


I consider myself to have been lucky - I discovered the medicinal-psychological value of cannabis early on. Since then, I've often been smoking grass in the evenings for 50 years - and still the isights and new good times keep happening. I've greatly enjoyed helping to produce the MindfullyHigh App because it's a manifest expression of what I've found most helpful in keeping the cannabis-high continually new and rewarding - and I do hope fellow seniors find fruitful guidance in the app's flow.


Being Of Service:  I'm about half retired - but continuing to be of service where needed always feels good. Bringing the MindfullyHigh program to seniors looking for a new lease on life after retirement feels very good right now. My wife and I are looking forward to visiting retirement communities and showing seniors how best to approach marijuana on all fronts.


We are also currently developing weekly meeting-curriculum for MindfullyHigh Grass Groups to help support senior communities wanting to integrate cannabis use harmoniously into the community. Perhaps we'll see you there!


The Senior Advantage:  Carl Jung, one of my heroes in psychology from the early times, took mescaline when he was around 60, loved it - and yet he said that probably it's best to wait until you're 40 or 50 before taking a psychedelic, because the effects draw on past life experience, and the richer your life experience, the richer your psychedelic experience. Seniors therefore are in optimum position - they have ten, maybe twenty years of open exploration ahead of them, delving deeper into what it means to be human, and what their unique version of being alive ultimately might be ...


Cannabis definitely can contribute to this "deepening of life" process. Wisdom and cannabis definitely mix. Mindfulness and grass can work together for an expanded experience. Focusing attention in potent positive directions can enliven one's consciousness - let's do it!


SENIORS AND POT NEW SURVEY:  In a study sponsored by AARP, four out five of poll respondents between the ages of 50 and 80 said they support allowing medical marijuana if it’s recommended by a physician. And forty percent support allowing marijuana use for any reason. Two-thirds say the government should do more to study the drug’s health effects, according to the new findings from the National Poll on Healthy Aging. And more than two-thirds of those polled said they thought that marijuana can ease pain.









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