Why A Mindfully High Book

June 15, 2018

 The Mindfully High text (both kindle and paper editions) has been written to answer all the primary questions people ask about cannabis usage in America. These ten in-depth discussions are based on the most recent research, and are presented within the professional guidelines of cognitive and humanistic psychology. There is no bias in these discussions - both positive and negative social, medical, and personal dimensions of cannabis use are presented with equal space and credence.


The author of MindfullyHigh, John Selby ThD,  is a psychologist who has done NIH research studying the effects of grass in college groups and also in families. He conducted EEG brain-wave experiments for NIMH evaluating the potential damage of psychedelics on heavy users (they luckily found no brain damage). For several decades John has guided individuals and groups seeking a more mindful approach to healthy and responsible cannabis use. 


There are a great many questions remaining unanswered to date, regarding how cannabis impacts our local communities and national mindset. Fervent advocates on both sides often forget that all sides do have two (or more) points of view - and we need to honor and listen to both sides respectfully. In his new book John Selby aims to present the best research data to date, and then he assumes responsibility for coming to tentative conclusions to help guide discussion. Mindfully High hopes to stimulate new discussion and research and discovery, not push a particular extreme.


The Mindfully High text consists of ten 20-30 page chapters that can be used in Grass Groups to spur discussion on primary cannabis/community issues, covering the following themes in detail:


Introduction:  Mindful When Puffing     


Chapter 1:  Mindfulness & Marijuana                   


Chapter 2:  The Core THC Experience                 


Chapter 3:  Cannabis For Your Health                 


Chapter 4:  Tapping The Marijuana Muse         


Chapter 5:  Seniors And Smoking                          


Chapter 6:  Career Concerns & Solutions           


Chapter 7:  New Sexual Dimensions                         


Chapter 8:  Impact On Family Life                      


Chapter 9:  Resolving Education Issues              


Chapter 10: Community Engagement                         


Questions for Group Discussion                               


Author & Online Resources                                       




This book is intended to serve 1) individuals seeking insight into the facts concerning cannabis use in America, and also 2) community, educational, government and church groups seeking a balanced view of these issues.


In the spirit of free exchange of ideas in our society, this book is available in Kindle either free, or for just a dollar a copy. You can also share it with your friends in Kindle. The print version is regularly priced, and those proceeds will be used to support our hard-working coders and content providers.To read the first part of the book, just click here to go to the Amazon "look Inside" presentation of the beginning of the book: 


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