FORMING A CANNABIS CLUB: Local Or Online Small-Group Sharing

Working as a therapist over the years, I've found great value in getting individuals together to share experiences related to a common theme, problem or interest. We've designed our HIGH TOGETHER App as a very personal private experience - something you do mostly privately when you get high, or as a short mindfulness meditation. But of equal importance is being able to talk about your high experience in your community.

Something unique happens when we share an inner experience to other people who are supportive and interested. As we manage to speak about our inner explorations, we find that we suddenly gain new insights and resolve old issues. And others in our group can provide new perspective on our experience, and also share similar experiences they've had.

A sense of community ... that's what I'm talking about. Community around shared experience. In this case, it's experience gained through combining the power of the cannabis muse with the focus, insights and balance engendered by watching our mindfully-high app programs.

Always when a new group comes into being, somebody at least in the beginning must step forward and do some leading. You can be that person.

Just take some time to reflect about your own desire to share your mindfully-high experiences, and then think of finding at least a few people who would like to join you in a discussion group about this theme. And then find a location - even your own living room for a starter - and set a date for your first gathering ... and leap in!

Structure & Guidance: Probably you'll want to use the Mindfully High book as a beginning guide for these gatherings. There are group-discussion questions in the back of the book to stimulate conversation. And you can use each of the ten chapters as a thematic focus, one each week for example. And contact us to access more ideas for group inspiration.

Always the question of whether to get high together arises at some point in these grass groups. I advise not including cannabis in your first meeting at all - just get together and talk about the general theme of learning to be mindfully high ... and also discuss if you want to include the cannabis high in your group discussions, or leave that for your individual high times.

Online Grass Group: We're also getting set to launch a Facebook Group where you can participate online - we'll post a notice when this online Grass Group will be starting up.

And please, let us know how your group evolves and how we might serve you further! The more we talk about marijuana and mindfulness and community together, the faster we'll learn to integrate the muse of cannabis into our rapidly-evolving society.


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