The HIGH TOGETHER Program ... it's origins, inspiration and intent.

We all end up developing whatever daily routine suits us best, for using cannabis to enhance our lives. With the High Together app and program, we're aiming to provide a maximum of helpful guidance, and at the same time, a minimum of structure, so that you are free to explore your unique personal approach.

That said - most people also prefer a bit of structure when starting something new - so we've identified the basic seven-step flow that most people seem to move through most of the time, when getting high together in a mindful way.

On the High Together app, and in the Cannabis for Couples book, you'll find each of these seven steps fully discussed, plus audio guidance for each step if you want some professional trainer wheels to guide you through each step in the beginning.

The basic principle of these programs is that, either with or without the uplifting effects of cannabis, how and where you focus your mind's attention determines your inner experience and outward expression. Our MindfullyHigh programs aim in general to provide meaningful guidance so that you focus in valuable, uplifting, enjoyable and healing directions.

Our app programming delivers literally hundreds of short guided sessions and inspiring inputs - each time you open the app, it will offer you the choice of either spinning the High Roulette Wheel and letting chance and synchronicity choose an experience for you at that moment - or you can go to our menus to choose something for yourself.

And with each guided experience, you aren't required to do hardly anything at all except tune into your breathing and physical presence, and let the words and images of the audio and video session guide you ... into an enjoyable and insightful quality of consciousness.


All of the unique sayings, meditations, images, suggestions and inspirations in these High Together audios and videos have been specially created for this program ... and at the same time, they've all emerged from deep within the world's meditative and psychological traditions.

My role in this process has been to study and practice all the various approaches to mindfulness that I could find in four decades of study and exploration ... and then serve as a bridge into our culture's present-moment situation, translating tradition into a new edition of human spiritual wisdom.

My inspiration and training from the world's vast meditative tradition has been in Mahayana and Zen Buddhism, traditional Kriyayoga (Hindu) practice, Taoist philosophy, Sufi meditations, Native American rituals, the teachings of Alan Watts and Krishnamurti (who I was lucky enough to know), and the more mystic elements of Gnostic Christianity.

But equally, I've garnered key mindfulness insights from cognitive and quantum science. After all, quieting the mind, focusing attention, tapping associative flows, and managing our emotions are psychological processes. Also, in my twenties while doing early NIH psychedelic research, I began exploring these traditions with the additive of mescaline, peyote, LSD and mushrooms - and of course, also with marijuana and hashish.

The High Together App (which by the way works just as well when solo, and also is potent without cannabis) is the end result of many years spent exploring the power of the recorded word and image for helping people aim their attention inward toward their centerpoint of consciousness.

I've also learned constantly from my therapy clients in therapy, and my students of meditation. And still the human organism remains a truly mysterious creation that no one yet comprehends fully. I am confident in guiding you on gthe various journeys and experiences the app delivers - but each time you get high, you're taking off into new realms which are unique to you.

You'll find that each of our audios and videos delivers a variation on the basic theme of mindfulness - be here now, tune inward, open your heart and mind and soul to Spirit - and just relax and fully embrace the unique new experience that emerges through this basic mental focus.

When cannabis is added to this basic mindfulness process, you enter a realm of especially remarkable potential - where you can open your heart and mind to receive whatever healing, wisdom, inspiration and joy you're currently ready for. Our guided programs are here to aim your attention in particularly rewarding directions - and then we get out of your way so that you have your own special experience.


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