A CHANGE OF HEART: Emotional Healing With Cannabis

I'm often asked if I think marijuana can be helpful in emotional healing. The answer is a qualified yes. Marijuana can be used and abused: It can be uplifting and insightful and healing - and it can also be numbing, harmful and illusory.

Like a shovel can be used to hit someone over the head and start a war, or used to dig an irrigation ditch and help feed the family, marijuana is a tool we need to use properly if we want positive results.

One of the main things cannabis does to our inner experience is temporarily shift us out of our habitual mindset, into a parallel inner experience. We suddenly see the world differently - and experience ourselves outside our habitual patterns and attitudes.

This shift in itself can be a wake-up experience. If we approach a pot high mindfully, and pay attention to what's happening, the muse of marijuana can often guide us into experiences that help us see more deeply into who we are and the choices available to us.

Taking The Leap

Emotional healing tends to happen when we are finally willing to look honestly at ourselves, relive traumatic experiences without judging or rejecting them - and expand our awareness beyond ingrained 'one liner' attitudes and reactions, into a more compassionate, heart-centered, inclusive mindset.

Marijuana can spontaneously elicit a momentary shift into this inner healing state - but we must be receptive and ready for change, if we're going to actually let go of past traumas, and have the courage to be reborn into a newness of heart and soul.

These are big words, I know. And emotional healing and recovery doesn't just happen automatically because we get high. What's key is taking responsibility for where we focus our attention when we light up - and developing mental habits when high that focus our experience in directions proven to elicit inner acceptance, compassion, and awakening.

Guidance Tools

The motivation behind the development of our free High Together App has been to provide the needed audio and visual guidance to ensure that your high experiences are optimized in terms of safety, enjoyment, healing, and the core 'change of heart' experience. We hope to have the app ready for you in April 2020.

We can't force a change of heart from contracted to expansive, from fear-based to growth-based, from closed to open - but we can choose to aim our attention and intention regularly in that direction.

Often, getting high with someone we trust can boost the emotional-healing power of cannabis. I've explored this process in depth in my forth-coming book with Inner Traditions, Cannabis For Couples. Virtually everything I've found of value as a therapist in this regard, we're putting into the free app - psychological tools are vital in this regard. But you can also trust your own inner guidance for sensing how to open up to the muse of marijuana when high with a lover or friend - go for it!


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