HIGH HEART YOGA: The Primary Cannabis Posture

If you're going to remember just one thing to do when you get high, I suggest that you remember regularly to shift your focus of attention down from your buzzing mind, into into your true center of being ... your heart.

Where you focus your attention determines the experience you have with cannabis. And when you focus on the feelings in your heart, you optimize the effects of the herb.

I've been working for many years developing 'yoga postures for the mind' while high. In physical yoga you hold a bodily posture for four or eight breaths or so, and as you breathe into that posture, a unique positive experience is generated throughout your being - that's the essence of yoga.

You can do the same thing with your mind rather than your body: hold your attention in a particular way, aimed in a particular direction, breathe into that mental stance ... and a unique positive experience will come to you.

High Heart Yoga: The Process

Specifically, I suggest that while high, you practice the following procedure (you'll find all this on the High Together App):

"Light up, relax, get comfortable. Close your eyes if you want to ... and tune into your breathing. This initial focusing act shifts your attention down ...into your chest and belly, which is a major first step in and of itself - and now let the movements of your natural breathing cycle redirect your mind's attention out of the head, down into your torso.

And now to focus your attention more specifically, say several times to yourself, "heart" ... and let the word expand your attention to include both your ongoing breathing, and also the feelings you find in your heart right now.

Don't judge those feelings, don't try to change them, just practice 'being with your feelings' in your heart. You'll find that your busy thoughts will effortlessly tend to drop away and become quiet whenever you make this conscious shift down into your heart feelings...

High Heart Focus Phrases

One of the deep insights I found in the ancient yogic literature of Hindu tradition and Tibetan Buddhist teachings is that, experientially, we have a high heart and a low heart. In the low heart are all our 'animal' emotions based on survival and fear/aggression reactions. These include anger and anxiety, depression and guilt, shame and rejection and denial and all the rest of the so-called negative emotions that chronic thoughts and judgments continually stir up inside us.

When you shift your attention to your heart region and encounter constricting painful feelings, you always have the freedom and power to shift into 'high heart' realms that transcend those habitual constructed feelings.

You can move into this high heart 'yoga posture' by using a verbal cue to re-aim your attention: say to yourself several times: "high heart". You might also want to place your palms over your heart region to deepen your focus.

You can also say silently to yourself one of the basic Mindfully High focus phrases:

"I let go of all my worries, and feel peaceful inside,"

Another focus phrase that goes with this "high heart" focus is:

"I accept the world just as it is right now."

With your focus on your breathing movements and your high heart, you will now move through five or ten or twenty breath cycles while you hold this inner yoga posture ... and observe without thought or judgment the experiences that naturally come to you.

In hatha yoga you don't 'try' to make anything happen, you just move into the physical posture, breathe ... and hold that posture for a while, and simply allow your inner healing process to happen. This same process is activated with this high-yoga method.

Open To Receive

Although science can't yet examine and explain how love flows into our hearts and out into the world, we've all had the definite experience of our hearts filling with compassion, and then experienced that feeling spontaneously flowing outward to those around us.

We know there's nothing that feels better than becoming filled with this ephemeral primal feeling of our hearts being full of overflowing love. And when we get high, we have the opportunity to encourage this inflow of love into our hearts, even though science can't tell us what's happening.

Our hearts at any given moment are either closed or open - and we know the difference intimately, from the inside out. What most people don't yet know is that we can choose consciously to open our hearts and let the love flow in.

We don't know the source of this love - we often talk about 'God's love" as the infinite source. But we do pack the power to open our hearts so that love can flow in - we just shift our focus of attention down into our high heart, and state our intent by saying to ourselves:

"I am open to receive ... insight and love."

You'll find that 'practice' is what's needed, when high, to develop this ability to purposefully welcome the inflow of love into your heart.

If you'd like more insight into this process,

I've written the full discussion in my boo

"Let Love Find You."

Love, as all wise spiritual teachings point out, is an energetic phenomenon in the universe that's embedded in the life force itself. We have the mental ability to close our hearts and shut out this power ... or to choose to consciously open our hearts and welcome the inflow of love into our lives.

Each time we get high, we can act to maximize this inflow of love, using "high heart yoga" to encourage the process. For audio and video guidance in this direction, in April 2020 you can download our free High Together App.


John Selby


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